How to Cheat in Online Proctored Exam at Home

How to Cheat in Online Proctored Exam at Home

If you are unsure how to cheat in online proctored exam at home, then you are reading the right post. Your fears may be due to the thought that there is no one to help you cheat at home. Also, you might be jittery because of the strict testing protocols that Proctorio has in place.

Notably, it is possible to cheat in a proctored exam at home. We shall tell you how to do it, but let us first discuss some of the basics of taking a proctored exam at home.

Benefits of Taking a Test from Home
  1. Improved safety – Taking a test from home adds another layer of psychological safety. As a resident, you understand your home well and you know all safety precautions that you apply in your day-to-day life. So, you are sure that it is rare for any external force to compromise safety in your house. Furthermore, no one is allowed in your home without your approval.
  2. Familiar environment – Taking an exam at home prevents culture shock. You are in a familiar environment that does not require time to get acquainted with the available features. So, you will channel your undivided concentration to the exam enabling you to improve your performance.
  3. Fewer distractions – Given that you are familiar with the environment at home, your mind will not wander during the online test. Notably, Proctorio scans your facial movements. So, Proctorio can treat facial exploration of new environment during an exam as suspicious behavior.
  4.  Ample space – Taking a test at home gives you the privilege of choosing the space that you want during the test. You can opt to take the test from the balcony, living room, or backyard provided the location meets the requirements of proctored tests.
  5. Saving time and other resources – When taking a test at home, you save commuting time, food and drinks expenses, and other related expenses.

Control – At home, you control your environment. So, you will experience fewer interruptions in comparison to a public place where you are exposed to several uncontrolled elements.

Preparing Your Online Exam Equipment at Home

Mock testing workstation

Taking a proctored exam at home requires you to prepare some equipment. Remember, your proctored test falls under the AI invigilated exam category of equipment. If you are unsure about the required equipment, the following checklist will help you:

  1. Computer – Please note that you cannot use a tablet or a smartphone to do a proctored test. So, you require either a PC or a laptop.
  2. Microphone – You can use either an external microphone or the inbuilt microphone that your computer features.
  3. Webcam – Unlike the inbuilt microphone that you can use during the test, you cannot use your inbuilt webcam for a proctored test. So, you need an external webcam with the right specifications.
  4. Internet – You require an internet connection given that you are doing an online test.
  5. Browser – You require a Proctorio-supported browser for your online test. The latest version of Chrome is ideal for the test.
  6. If you do not have any of the highlighted equipment, then you can borrow or purchase it. The move will ensure that your test session goes on smoothly without any interruptions.
  7. Notably, Proctorio allows you to run a quick test that simulates the real test. All you need to do is to click the part that reads “Test my Equipment”. The quick test will help you test your equipment to ensure that everything is in order. If you run into any technical challenge, then you can take time to do the necessary adjustments and repairs.
  8. Quality of Your Testing Environment
  9. Besides having the right equipment, you need to ensure that your home has the following qualities:
  10. Enough lighting – Proctorio requires sufficient light to verify your identity. So you should light up your testing environment well. Also, a well-lit environment prevents you from straining your eyes.
  11. Quietness – If you live with friends and family, you should tell them to speak in low tones or remain silent during the exam.
  12. Privacy – You should ensure that no one visits your testing room while the exam is on. So, you should never do your online test in a shared room at home.
  13. Preparing Yourself to Take Proctored Exam at Home
  14. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a veteran online exam taker, there are some standards that you should maintain when doing a test from home. It is tempting to do the exam in your pajamas or take a pizza before taking the exam. However, you should do the following to ensure success in your home online exams:
  15. Relax – You should begin your day relaxed. Giving yourself ample time before beginning the test goes a long way to ensure that you are relaxed.
  16. Eat well – You need a healthy meal before starting the test. A meal with protein and complex carbs will give you the required energy for the test. Also, you can have healthy snacks within reach to keep you energized.
  17. Communicate positively – At home, ensure that the conversation that you will have with friends and family is positive. The move will improve your confidence. You can as well repeat positive assertions that will help you see the test as doable.
  18. Dress well – You should take a bath and dress in your most comfortable attire before taking the exam. The move will set a formal mood required to give the online test the seriousness it deserves.
How to Cheat in Online Proctored Exam at Home

Already, you have learned about the requirements of doing a proctored exam. The various sanctions that the system gives makes it hard for you to cheat traditionally. However, that’s where SpiderEssay comes in. We pride ourselves in helping students to hack into the ATI testing platform using our powerful software. We have over 3 years of experience in helping students cheat in Proctorio tests. Our team is professionals consist of subject matter experts that will do the exam for you and help you achieve over 85% of the total score.

However, you need to do a few things:
  1. Confirm the dates of the exam.
  2. Ensure that you know the details of the exam.
  3. Ensure that you have the right equipment.
  4. Contact us to provide the information and know our rates.
  5. Make and confirm the payment.
  6.  Receive and install our software.
  7. Inform us of the testing date a few days before the test.

  8. Be at your testing room 25 minutes before the test.
  9. Make the necessary verifications when the test starts.
  10. Log in to start the test. Our professionals will get logged in too via our software and they will start doing the test for you.
  11. Pretend to be busy exploring the questions and do not move the cursor before the test screen turns to page two.
  12. Note the time that our professionals take to move to the next page of the test. The move will help you know when to pretend that you are moving the cursor.
  13. Maintain the trend until our professionals complete the test.

 Log out from the platform

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It is time to help you pass your proctored test while doing it at home. Please, contact us.

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