Is Online Proctoring Legal

Is Online Proctoring Legal

Are you unsure of Proctorio and wondering whether online proctoring is legal? There must be legal support for the system given its widespread use. We can first examine some of the elements that make Proctorio appear to be lawful before investigating its validity.

Which Schools Use Proctorio the Most?

According to the available literature, Proctorio is used by thousands of colleges. In addition, several proctoring businesses claim to have given millions of exams using Proctorio. Despite the unreliable numbers that are currently accessible, they demonstrate that Proctorio is widely used in academic institutions. Some employers further implement the system. In a different survey, 312 participants verified using Proctorio in a rate of 17%. A limited sample of participants is used in this type of study to reflect the local or worldwide population. The system is quite popular based on the percentage of people that have utilized Proctorio. With 21.2 percent of all users, the US has the highest percentage. Canada is one of the other regions that uses the software, with 7.3 percent usage. Proctorio is evident from the sample population that it is a widely used program for preserving the integrity of education.


Proctorio Permissions and Settings

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act is one of the legislation that controls how Proctorio operates (FERPA). In order to safeguard the privacy of student education records, a law was implemented in 1974. All schools, whether public or private, must abide with the law. Additionally, the statute is applicable to every educational facility managed by the US Department of Education.

FERPA fulfills two purposes. First, it provides qualified parents or students control over their academic records. Therefore, no one else has the right to compel parents or children to provide their educational records. Second, FERPA prohibits any school from releasing any data that could be used to identify a student without first receiving permission from that student or a minor's legal guardian.

The rights of eligible parents and students under FERPA are as follows:

  1. Inspect and go over the student's original educational records. If a qualified student or parent cannot easily access the original documents due to distance, the school shall not supply reproductions of those documents.
  2. An eligible student or parent has the right to ask for the correction of educational records that, in their eyes, are false, inaccurate, or deceptive. An eligible student or parent may request a formal hearing in the event that an institution violates this right.
  3. Any disclosure of information that could be used to identify a student may be stopped by an eligible parent or student.
  4. Schools that breach the FERPA rules risk losing their eligibility for federal funding. However, FERPA compliance is not required of schools that do not get federal support.

FERPA states that schools should not divulge any information from student records, however they are allowed to do so to the following parties:


  1. A member of the school staff who has a genuine passion for learning.
  2. Any institution that accepts a transferred student.
  3. Appointed auditors or evaluators.
  4. Any institution that grants aid to students financially.
  5. Academics who conduct studies on behalf of educational institutions.
  6. Organizations for accreditation.
  7. Emergency personnel in charge of health and safety.
  8. Local and state authorities overseeing the juvenile system in accordance with applicable state law.
  9. Subpoena officials in charge of compliance.
Is proctoring online legal?

Proctorio is legally required to participate in the exam invigilation process based on the stated compliance standards. Therefore, when taking proctored tests, you should be aware of your FERPA rights and use caution in protecting them.

Can Proctored Exam Times Be Changed?

It makes sense that the exam date could put you in a situation where Proctorio protocols would need to be flexible. Your flight can be delayed if you are traveling. Additionally, an emergency may occur, making it impossible for you to keep a test appointment. What ought you to do?

You can reschedule your exams if it's not possible for you to take them on the scheduled day and time. Notably, the window for rescheduling is 60 minutes after the scheduled time has passed. You can schedule a test reschedule and get into your Proctorio account during this time. You must choose the term and exam you were going to take after arriving at the scheduling page.

You could also search for your test and term using the name of your instructor. Following that, decide when you want to take the exam. You are provided with a new exam date and time after selecting "schedule."

If you are unable to reschedule your exam, you will be required to arrange a new exam once the allotted 60 minutes have passed. As a result, you will pay another exam fee as well as related costs. You should use the rescheduling window to avoid those inconveniences and save time and money.

Is Proctorio Willing to Work on My Terms?


No. Notably, Proctorio's operations are calibrated by your school. Additionally, your instructor has a strong understanding of what Proctorio will watch. What is left for you to do now? as a deferent to authority. When you are encountering troubleshooting problems, your only option is to contact Proctorio. You would have to decide the types of tests you would take if you set your own Proctorio terms, which is not doable. Due to the fact that the invigilation procedures represent the conditions under which your school operates, your school expects you to abide by them. Consequences may result from any deviation from conformity.

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